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Pierre-Hilaire PORONPierre-Hilaire PORON
Portrait Didier LINCETDidier LINCET

A little flavour of our origins

Formaticus: from the Latin Caseus Formaticus, which means cheese made in a mould.

The origin of a cheese is the animal, its breed, its food, the land on which it is reared and the know-how of breeders, cheese makers and ripeners.

At Formaticus, our team offers you, to eat here with us or to take away, more than 80 cheeses, partly benefiting from a PDO or PGI. Most are sourced directly from those who make and mature them, all artisans selected for their passion for the product and respect for tradition.

Formaticus is based on the collaboration between a cheese producer in Burgundy, Didier Lincet, and a restaurateur, Pierre-Hilaire Poron, both from Champagne, with the idea of bringing the best of our fantastic cheeses from which France derives its world renown as “The land of cheese”, right into the heart of Paris.


The cheese bar

Cheese is the expression of a terroir, a region and its soil, and it creates a bond between people.

It is in this spirit that we want to bring together, in a cosy atmosphere, and with our young and passionate team, all lovers of authentic produce, to taste good cheeses. Arranged on cheese boards, accompanied by wines selected according to the same criteria or cooked simply according to the seasons, with a touch of originality.

You will also find superb charcuterie, some of which is produced in the Ile de France from pigs of the “Francilin” breed, bred in the Seine and Marne regions, fed on local cereals, flaxseed and the whey from Brie.


Discover our cheese boards and specialties

Our cheese boards

We offer a generous selection of our best cheeses according to their maturity and the seasons.

Our cheese boards are accompanied by salad, preserves, walnuts and our selection of breads.

We also offer a selection of fine delicatessen products.

Our specialities

Made from fresh products

THE CROQ’TICUS, the Formaticus version of croque-monsieur served with a seasonal salad

THE CHEF’S SALAD, featuring seasonality, good products and freshness, see the chalkboard for details

THE CHEESE SPECIALITY OF THE DAY, see the chalkboard for details


THE FONTAINEBLEAU OF MY CHILDHOOD, a forgotten recipe of fromage frais and home-made whipped cream

SEASONAL FRUIT TART, home-made pastry, seasonal fruit

THE DESSERT OF THE DAY, see the chalkboard for details



We offer you a wide choice of cheeses, made with cow’s milk, goat’s milk or sheep’s milk, of different types, soft cheeses, hard cheeses, pressed or not, with natural or washed rind, as well as a selection of butters, creams and yoghurts.

Each season brings its own distinctive character and each and every one of you will discover your own special seasonal favourites.

We can advise you on the composition of your cheese board: celebratory or everyday, two or ten, you will always find an opportunity to taste good cheeses!!!

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Opening hours

From Tuesday to Saturday 11:00 – 23:00
Sunday and Monday Closed


Angle du 97, Rue Nollet / 16, rue Brochant
PARIS 17 °

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